Why Stress is Self Imposed

There have been very many perceptions of stress and one of them is that we can contribute to stress in our lives. In other words stress can be self imposed. There is no doubt that this is food for thought. Many people around seem to have stress for minor reasons in our books and, we sometimes imagine that we could deal better with stress if we were in their position. This notion is an outright suggestion that we might impose some stresses on ourselves. When you really think about it, stress is caused by internal and external stressors and we all handle our internals differently. Therefore, you might be able to go through a particular stressor, stress free while another person might suffer severe stress.

There are very many situations where we can impose stress on ourselves and they include the following. Firstly, setting unrealistic goals is a recipe for stress. We like to imagine that we can handle all it takes to get somewhere and when you prematurely start setting goals for yourself that are too high, you will be disappointed. Therefore, we are advised to be ambitious and at the same time very realistic. It will be probably helpful to asses your past performance to determine what you are capable of. Some people might have a past full of failure and they stress themselves thinking they are not capable of anything. You might have heard of the saying that states that you cannot do the same thing and expect different results.

Therefore, as you set realistic goals to avoid self imposed stress, change something in your life and put more effort in areas you have never considered. Another way you can have self imposed stress is by creating mental prejudices and creating false perceptions about a certain thing or people. For example some people may stress themselves out in a bid to prove that certain communities might have particular shortcomings which may not necessarily reflect the whole community. Such stresses have been the source of conflicts and many people might be obsessed by certain ideas about particular communities to an extent of having sleepless nights. The numerous conflicts in our world are only a manifestation of what our minds are contemplating.

If you are the kind of person who loves to entertain negativity about yourself, you will impose stress on yourself which will be seen in form of low self esteem. You need to be thinking highly of yourself no matter what you might be going through in your life. Many people who have this kind of stress do not even have major stressors. They might create imaginary ones or they might magnify a little stressors. Experts have expressed their opinion on this and some believe that self imposed stress is the worse kind of stress. From their reasoning, if you are able to create or exaggerate a stressor in your life, how will you be able to handle a major or real stressor when it comes. Although no conclusive evidence of this, life is full of stress and we do not have to add to the list.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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