What Kind of Food Do They Eat in Guyana?


Chow mein, Vegetable stew and Cook-up Rice are some of the foods that are eaten in Guyana. In a previous article, I had mentioned that Pepper Pot, Metegee and Fruits are also some of the foods that are eaten in this South American country. If you will be visiting this beautiful and underpopulated country, when you see these dishes on the menu, do not forget to order them, they are usually worth it.

Chow mein

Chow mein, which means stir fried noodles, is a Chinese term and it is a favorite dish of many Guyanese. On special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, this dish is usually on the menu. Chow mien is thin like spaghetti, but softer, it is circular and yellowish when uncooked. After it is cooked in boiling water, it looses its circular shape and a little bit of its color. It is then added to stir fried meat usually chicken. bora, which is something like long beans, pumpkin, or any other diced or finely chopped vegetables is also added to the noodles.

Vegetable stew

Rice, a staple food in Guyana, is usually served with vegetables and meat or fried fish. After the meat is cooked, vegetables such as pumpkin, bora and cabbage, just to mention a few, along with seasoning, is added to the meat. If necessary, a little water is also added to the frying pan and it is allowed to simmer. This is called stew. When it is cooked, it is placed on top of a plate of cooked rice.

Cook-up rice

Cook-up rice, which is usually called cook-up, is cooked anytime during the week, on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas or whenever someone from another village is visiting a Guyanese home. This meal, as the name suggest, is a all-in-one dish. The main ingredient is rice. Peas, especially black-eye peas, meat, coconut milk and not coconut water, thyme, shallot and other seasonings are cooked together. When cooked, some Guyanese would add a "dash" of hot pepper sauce at the side of their plates along with some fried plantains. Many eaters of this dish has claimed to suffer from itis, after eating it. So, if you are visiting this food loving country and you give in to the temptation to eat a plate or two of this dish, set aside at lease an hour to sleep, after you have eaten this dish.

Food in this country is like many other countries, it tells the story of where the people came from and the country current economical position. So, whenever you are visiting Guyana, do not forget to try a plate or two of Chow mein, Vegetable stew and Cook-up rice.


Source by Angela M. Linton

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