Top Tips in Helping Your Baby Burp


You have to know that your baby needs to burp after feeding for him to feel at ease and comfortable. There are a lot of reasons why your baby must burp. You have to know that your baby is swallowing air while feeding. Your baby does not have the ability to take the air that is stuck inside his stomach that is why you have to help him.

The trapped air in his stomach will cause lots of problems and will surely make your baby feel uncomfortable. The air will cause discomfort and will lead to excessive baby crying. You must know the different techniques to help your baby to burp and avoid discomfort brought by trapped air. You have to learn first the positions that will make baby burp fast and easy.


This is one of the most popular burping position today. You can hold your baby's bottom and position his tummy against your collar bone to put pressure on his stomach. Try to pat his back with your other hand to make him comfortable and relaxed. You need to put a soft cloth in your shoulders to avoid any irritation and to protect yourself against possible vomitus.


Lap position can be used if you find shoulder position uncomfortable. Try to make your baby sit on your lap while you support his back with your hand. Support his chin with your fingers and rub his back. The rubbing motion will force the air out of his stomach.


In doing this method, you must first make sure that your baby is at ease to prevent any problem. Position your baby on his stomach and put him on your lap. Make sure that you have a soft cloth on your lap and that his head is well supported by your thighs. Try to rub his back in upward motion and wait until he is able to burp.


Tick ​​tock method is another method that you can try to help your baby burp. Put your arms in his armpits and use your hands to support his head while you are in standing position. You just need to rock him from side to side and wait until he is able to burp.

Burping a baby is important to keep him comfortable and relaxed after feeding. When you do breastfeeding, you need to help him burp every time you switch feeding between your breasts. You must realize that babies will develop their burping abilities as grow old.


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