Three Top Tips For A Healthy And Happy Newborn


Babies are very precious and as a parent it is your job and number one priority is to look after this tiny little person. That can be a daunting thought, especially for first time parents. However, you will soon pick up all of the little tips and tricks that help you keep your newborn safe, healthy and happy. Parenting is mostly intuitive, but we can still benefit from advice now and again. With that in mind, these are my three top tips to keep your newborn safe.

Keep an Eye on Baby's Temperature

It is a common mistake among first time parents to try and keep their newborn baby too warm. Overheating your baby can actually lead to a number of complications with his or her health. A baby only needs to be at a temperature of around room temperature. If your bay is too warm it can lead to neurological disruption which causes anything from breathing difficulties through to brain damage in the most severe cases. It is also important to maintain a regular, steady temperature. That means bundling them up against cold during winter and being careful of switching from a cool air conditioned house to extreme heat outdoors in the summer. A baby's brain is not equipped to react to abrupt changes in temperature.

Baby Massage Has Many Benefits

Something which is a relatively new craze among parents is baby massage, yet so many are ready to dismiss it as a silly idea. However, it actually holds number of benefits for you and your baby. The simple act of rubbing and massaging your baby on a regular basis will not only relax the baby and improve circulation, but has been proven to strengthen the parent-child bond. Children craze human contact in the same way that they hunger for food or thirst for water. Massage is a great way to fulfill that need while providing you both with some quiet time to relax.


Swaddling is often seen as a very old fashioned practice. It refers to wrapping your baby in a blanket from head to toe and has been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. So what are the health benefits to a newborn? We discussed the need for a constant temperature earlier and swaddling is something which can help with this. In addition, by keeping them securely wrapped they are at less risk of flailing their arms and legs which could result in catching their feet, hands or fingers in any openings in their crib. Swaddling is also very useful in bonding with your baby and will help baby to feel nurture and secure with you.


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