Sports for a Healthy Life

Most of people love sports while some of the people ignore engaging with sports and games due to various reasons. Frankly,  the mains reasons for human interest in sports is the pleasure which generates through the competitiveness and challenging nature of sports.

Generally, Sports includes all the competitive physical activities and games despite organizational nature. Sports plays a main role in human health as it helps to maintain and improve physical ability. physical activities help to make bone health and maintain proper heart function, lung function, cognitive function in young people.

Sports For Healthy Life

As you know, Sports make you both physically and mentally active. It helps you to reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol. If you can participate in physical activity as a part of your lifestyle, it would be a cost-effective and sustainable way to deal with noncommunicable diseases.

In order to gain benefits of sport, you need to engage in the sport or the physical activity that you prefer at least 30 minutes. The more you engage in sports, the more you gain health benefits. Actually, not only sports but also dancing can help you to maintain good health. Regular physical activity reduces coronary heart diseases, cancer, obesity, and musculoskeletal conditions.

Sports Impact On Mental Health

Medical researches have proven that regular physical activities can reduce the effect of depression, anxiety, psychological distress, and emotional disturbances. Aerobic fitness is the most effective activity on psychological health in both long and short terms.

Research and evidence on  physical activity on various aspects of health

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ seminal, comprehensive, review states that regularly active people have lower mortality rates when compared to least active people.

 O’Donovan et al statement under the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences indicates that physical activity directly causes to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Welk and Blair have concluded that physical activity helps to prevent or reduce the development of insulin-resistance even the people are suffering from over-weight and obesity.

Pyle et al’s survey data has proven that males and females who participate in competitive sports are less vulnerable to mental illness and hardly face eating and dietary problems.

It isn’t hard to understand the overall benefit of sports on your physical and mental health after analyzing the above data. But choosing a sport or physical activity must be done carefully as some activities are not suitable for health due to various reasons.

As an example, if you are already suffering from a heart problem, you cannot engage in heavy physical activity. You must undergo medical observations before choosing an appropriate sport or physical activity for your health.

Bottom Line

Sports and Physical activities play a main role in human health and it is a crucial fact that can even determine the life span of a human. So, make sure to spend your life actively and reduce the health problem without any cost.

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