Soul Food Recipes Update – Why is Hip Hop Soul Food the Fastest Growing Trend?


Hip hop soul food is an emerging cuisine made for today's active urban lifestyle. You've heard of hip hop music, clothing and videos. Right? Now this new fast growing cuisine is emerging from this dynamic modern day movement.

Soul food recipes have been a long time southern food favorite, enjoyed by many. But this southern cuisine is not your traditional southern food of past. Hip hop soul food is different in many ways. Now it's lighter and simpler. For example, lighter cooking methods and ingredients is offered to quietly make this a popular cuisine among today's young young hip hop generation as well as baby boomers.

What Exactly is This New Trend and What's Behind It

Tasty dishes that's creative but uncomplicated is the hallmark behind this new trend in cuisine. Included are fresh ingredients, not overcooked, but cooked just enough to bring out the flavor of the dishes. Also included are natural seasonings, herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of the food without overpowering it.

With today's fast food and microwave generation, cuisine is a refreshing and healthier change as it gets more young people to eat healthier and lighter. According to the latest government health statistics this is one of the most overweight generations in history.

Hip hop soul food is one solution to the (pardon the pun) growing problem of obesity. A increasing number of young celebrities, sports stars and of course hip hop artist continue to flock to this tasty urban cuisine. Many love it for its tasty, satisfying and health -friendly benefits. "The fact that I can eat it, feel satisfied and not feel weighed down like I do with traditional southern food is what I like most," claims one young fan.

Cooking Techniques and Ingredients Involved

Most of the more popular hip hop soul food dishes include chicken, black beans, brown rice, seafood as well as traditional soul food dishes, such as collard greens, black-eyed peas cabbage and other dishes. However, the cooking techniques are healthier. You'll find more steaming, baking, roasting and stir-frying in the menus and very little if any deep fat frying, for example.

All these healthier changes make for a healthier eating experience and what attracts so many younger fans to this cuisine. Many urban restaurants and soul food restaurants are starting to incorporate more of the dishes into their menus. This cuisine is also attracting more cookbook publishers and website owners interest as they include them in their publications, books and websites. You can even find more soul food recipe websites including these trendy and healthier dishes.

Yes, the hip hop movement continues to engulf more of everyday life. So, maybe it's only natural for food to eventually be included and become a part of that culture as well.


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