Simple Recipe – Egg Plant Roll

Two big sized round eggplants

Finely grated carrots (two)
Finely cut onions (two)
Finely cut parsley
Can Tuna / Salmon
Chilies (Optional)
Small bowl of flour
Salt to taste

1. Slice the eggplant lengthwise into thin slices and soak the slices in a bowl of salty water.
2. Combine the can tuna or salmon with onions, grated carrots, chilies and salt
3. Spread the mixture on top of each slice of eggplant then roll into a spring roll shape.
4. Roll over the flour until it covers all
5. Repeat until you finish all the slices
6. Arranged in a frying pan and fry until eggplant is nicely brown
7. Dish onto a paper towel to drain the cooking oil

The finished product should look like spring rolls. Arranged on a tray and serve as an entree or afternoon snack.

This is also ideal for children's snack. It's not only tasty but very nutritious as well. It is very fast to make and the ingredients are cheap and easy to find

For vegetarian, you can use vegetables as the fillings. My family is vegetarian every Thursdays and my four kids love the eggplant vegetarian roll so I make it for them every Thursday.

You can change the fillings according to your taste. You can try meat, however I must say that can tuna or salmon goes really well with the eggplant.

Next time you have people over for dinner or your kid's next birthday party, try this tasty snack instead of the usual frozen spring roll from the supermarket. I guarantee your quest will love it just as mine does.

It has become a special entree every time I have dinner guests. I have given this recipe to my friends and families and everyone loves it.

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe.

Source by Isabel Smith

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