Morning Health Benefits

Morning Health Benefits

Health is the wealth of human beings. I hope you would agree with if you are not influenced by physical things such as money, fame, power and other things than usual. Most people keep their health behind all the materialistic things and finally worry about their health when they come across bad health. Here we are going to discuss some benefits of being a morning person. Most of the people usually work late at night and awake later in the morning. It affects your health badly as it is not the biological clock which your body  follows

How Biological Clock Affect Your Morning Health Benefits

Although we are working following the clock our home or our office, our body does not accept the time it shows. The body has its own biological clock and body hope you to follow it to keep your health best. This biological clock ticking in your body and it has scheduled the precise time for every body function. Let’s take a quick glance at this biological clock.

11.00 P.M – 3 A.M 

As far as I have seen, Most people are awake at this time and do various things such as playing games, surfing the internet and chatting with friends and do many things except sleeping which their body demands. During this time period, your liver neutralizes the toxin which has gathered in your body and if you did not get an adequate amount of sleep, the body cannot perform this detoxification process properly.

3 A.M – 5 A.M 

During this time, blood circulates in your lungs and it is the best time to exercise and breathe fresh air. Actually, this time is very fresh and clean. But you cannot have benefits if you are not aware of Morning health. Frankly, you should have adequate sleep to awake in this time period. The later you are going to bed, the later you are awaking which means you miss the morning health benefits.

5 A.M – 7 A.M

This is the time your large intestine work well. So what should now? You should poop now and relax your stomach to digest your meals properly an absorb more nutrients.

7 A.M – 9.00 A.M

This is the last part of your morning health. In this time period, most of your blood count concentrates in your stomach and it is more active than other times of the day. So, it is the best time to have your valuable meal in the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which provides energy for the day. Make sure to have breakfast with all the essential nutrients to keep your health stable.


Now, you may understand how important getting up early and going to bed at the right time. There is nothing worth than your health. You need to maintain good health before achieving any other life goal. Therefore, follow your biological clock and obey your body needs. Especially, make sure to go to the bed earlier and get up earlier to have all the morning health benefits.

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