Healthy Food

As human beings, there are some basic needs that should be fulfilled to maintain the quality of our lives. Among those basic needs, food is considered as the second prominent basic need after water. Food is one of the important facts which determines your health, life span and quality of your life. In present, people do not pay much attention to food since they are too much busy to plan a healthy diet.

The less attention toward food has been a big problem as it causes a number of health issues. It is true that we all are having food when we are hungry. But the problem is how much healthy the food that we are having in our meals. Let’s pay some attention to your food and get to know how to select healthy food for your life.

What Are healthy Food

A portion of healthy food contains all the essential nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, etc. You need to plan your every diet including a variety of healthy foods that covers your daily nutrients amount. A diet that contains an appropriate amount of nutrients is called a balanced diet.

A balanced and healthy diet improves overall health and helps to prevent some of the diseases and reduce the risk of diseases. Cancer, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, heart attacks are directly related to food and often occur due to unhealthy foods.

Most people consume diets that contain processed food and sweetened beverages, food cooked in a higher amount of oil and temperature rather than fresh green leaves, vegetables, and fruits. According to the WHO recommendation, an individual should consume 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day /9without including starchy root) and an appropriate amount of legumes, whole grains, and nuts.

 Specialized Healthy Food

In some cases, doctors themselves advice patients to have some food for a  certain time period or a regular basis. As an example, Spinach can be mentioned here. Youngsters who are suffering from Anemia are usually advised to consume spinach as part of regular diets while having treatments.

  People who are suffering from diabetes are advised to consume bran along with boiled vegetables and fish to prevent the development of the disease. These types of foods are considered as specialized healthy food as those are recommended to reduce or maintain critical health conditions.

Some Of Most Popular Healthy Food In The World

Avocado, Garlic,Lemons, Spinach,Lentils, Dark chocolate, Fish, Nuts types such as Walnuts, Peanuts, Chickpea, Green gram, Black bean and etc., Banana, Cucumber, Carrot, Bitter Gourd, Green leaves, Almonds, Unprocessed meat, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Milk and dairy foods, Apple,Oranges, Extra virgin olive oil, Virgin Coconut oil.

Final Word

Here, you can only find some healthy foods. There are so many healthy foods around the world in which some of them are native to its origin. Also, it says nothing is good when too much. So, make sure to diversify your diet including appropriate amounts of healthy food that fits your current health condition to have the potential benefits of healthy food.

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