Fast Food

Fast Food is one of the most popular terms among diner. As the name denotes itself, Fast foods are prepared and served faster than other food. This type of food is prepared and served based on the “Speed Of Service”. As fast food can be prepared and served immediately, no one needs to spend lots of time in a restaurant or any other place. Most of the travelers, wage workers, and busy employees highly prefer fast food as it can be consumed in less time with less effort. Currently, this industry one of the most profitable and fast-growing business and it was  $570 billion globally in 2018.

History And Current Improvements Of Fast Food Industry

The foundation for the Fast food industry was laid in the United States in 1860 with the serving of fried fish in batter with Chips. Currently, the fast-food industry has improved to the test form by serving pre-cooked food. Fast food sellers keep food prepared until the customers arrive and serve them within a few seconds.

This process has drastically changed the customers’ waiting time and business around the serving area. Commercially, fast food is referred to like the food that has been prepared and stored to serve in a package immediately when ordered. But, with the improvement of culinary knowledge, food technology, and culinary skills, most of the food that needs a long time to be prepared now can be available as fast food.

However, restaurants engage in serving customers when driving despite providing shelter or seating are traditionally called as fast-food restaurants.

Popular Fast Food

French Fries

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

White Castle Sliders

Wendy’s Frosty

Burger King Whopper Sandwich

Domino’s And Pizza Hut Pizza

KFC Original Recipe Chicken

McDonald’s Happy Meal

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich

Bacon cheeseburgers 

Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich

Chick-fil-A nugget


Fish and chips

Adverse Effects Of Fast Food

Frankly, Fast food is delicious, faster and attractive in appearance. But almost all of the fast-food comes with packed of both long term and short term health issues. Fast food needs to be cooked faster and also needs to be kept frozen. Also, it should be pre-heat before serving. In order to keep the fast-food preparing mechanism running, a large amount of oil, flavor-enhancers, spices, preservatives and higher temperatures are used on each food item and all these ingredients and food processing strategies decrease the quality and nutrients of the food.

In general, this type of food only answers the hungry and tasty buds. Due to the higher amount of food carbohydrates in fast food lead to obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart diseases. On the other hand, people miss the healthy diets depending on the fast-food which provide essential nutrients to the body.

Bottom Line

We are living in a modern world and we all are spending really busy lifestyles. So it is useless saying to avoid fast food. But do not try to rely on fast food as it could deal a mortal blow to your health. Therefore, consume fast food wisely and as little as you can. 

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