Fast Food Options While on a Low Carb Dieting Plan


Choosing to follow a lowered carbohydrate, higher-protein dieting lifestyle is an excellent choice, yet a challenging one when it comes to dining on fast foods. The creative dieter can find many solutions, and it just takes some time to re-program your mind to make wise choices when dining.

At the moment it is impossible to see regular and repeated visits to a fast food restaurant as something that would expedite the acquisition of low carb snacks or high protein meals. Still some fast food restaurants do have cooks who are comfortable creating l / c recipes. Those restaurants will receive mention in this article.

The Panda Express has a couple dishes that someone on a low carb diet could enjoy without feeling guilty. One of those is the restaurant's Beef and Broccoli. The other one is the Vegetable Fried Rice. The Panda Express also has some l / c soups. A dieter can use soup to obtain a fuller belly.

Unlike Panda Express, McDonald's does not offer many choices to the person on a low carb diet. It does not, however, have a menu that is entirely devoid of low carbohydrate foods. The chicken select strips at McDonald's are the safest choice for a McDonald's customer following a low carb diet.

Both McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, chicken is the food most often sold without any forbidden carbohydrate. El Pollo Loco offers customers a chance to purchase flame broiled chicken. A person on a high protein, low carb diet can feel quite satisfied after eating one of El Pollo Loco's skinless chicken breasts.

Someone on a low carb diet ought to stay clear of fried chicken. That might seem like a fast food item rich in protein, yet light on carbohydrates. Dieters beware! The fried coating contains many carbohydrates. More importantly, those carbs enter the body along with many calorie-rich fats and oils.

More and more fast food restaurants have put salads on their menu. Some restaurants even have a salad bar. A big, satisfying salad is a fast and easy way to avoid consumption of foods that have lots of carbohydrates. A salad can be sprinkled with nuts. A salad can have greens partnered with beans.

On a low-carb diet, the dieter should use low carb salad dressing; it does not have a lot of sugar. Having done that the dieter can relax and enjoy a bowl of greens. A salad is an excellent way to try some fast food while sticking to a low carb diet plan.

In colder weather, a salad might not "fill the bill." In that case, the customer on a low carb diet might want to look for a restaurant that sells a black bean soup or a hearty bowl of chili. If the dieter lives close to some Persian restaurants, then he or she might want to try a bowl of ahshe.

Want to get real creative? Pick up some of the many available low-carb tortillas at your grocery store, get Taco Bell's "taco salad" (there is one now available in some areas w / o the deep fried bowl) … Ditch the bowl (tons of carbs ) and enjoy your Taco Bell the low-carb way 🙂


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